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From Cédric Damioli <cedric.dami...@anyware-tech.com>
Subject Re: Fwd: Copy versioned nodes
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2006 14:42:06 GMT

David Nuescheler a écrit :
> ...
> regardless, i find the topic of being able to copy a version history
> is worth a discussion in the jsr-283 expert group and therefore take
> all the input from this mailing list into the jsr-283 expert group.
> regards,
> david

This thread about versioning stuff bring me back to another one : 
which contained questions but finally no answers. I may be more lucky 
this year :-) :

1) How to remove a VersionHistory ? Tobias opened the JIRA issue 
JCR-134, and I proposed to introduce a 
VersionManager.removeVersionHistory(history) or VersionHistory.remove() 
which would fail if any Node in any worspace still references the given 
VersionHistory, and remove all Versions and the VersionHistory itself 

2) How to get the VersionHistory of any deleted Node (to simulate the 
"Attic" in the CVS world). Would it be possible to "flag" a 
VersionHistory when no Node in any workspace references it ? It would 
help to restore a Node, without initially knowing anything about it 
(UUID, path, type, ...)

2a) An extension to the above point is to be able to retrieve a Version 
based on a Date : something like VersionHistory.getVersionByDate(Calendar)

2b) As I also pointed out in that old thread, for primary-type based 
search, I can't understand why the jcr:frozenPrimaryType is only held by 
each jcr:frozenNode and not only once by the VersionHistory, as I think 
that the primary type of a given Node cannot change during its whole 
life. But I may miss something here.

Back in June, 2005, when these points have been discussed on this list, 
jsr-283 did not exist, and I'm not even sure that jsr-170 was final.
So the expert group may be now interested in such small thoughts about 
versioning stuff :-)

WDYT about this ?


Cédric Damioli
Tel : +33 (0)5 61 00 52 90
Fax : +33 (0)5 61 00 51 46

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