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From "hsp" <piccina...@ibest.com.br>
Subject Where the data is after imported with FSImport.java?
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2006 13:35:59 GMT
I thought it was a simple doubt... I just, by moment, want to know where the data is, because
if the size of the database is growth exactly with the size the files I imported, I think
the files have been stored into the database (in default_binval table) and not only persisted
there. I need a response, I want the contents only persisted in the database, they must be
stored in the file system together (same structure) with the lucene index files.

>I have the repository.xml as follows:............

>where the data I placed in the repository is? After I ran the FSImport.java and configured
it to import a bin file about 500Kb, I listed the default_binval and the files were there,
at least the content was listed. In the file system was created a folder under the index directory.
Then, is the content of the file I imported into the database?
>The repository.xml I listed above is for persistence in db; lucene index and file content
in the file system under the folder I named for repository, rigth?
>I didn't see the diference in the files system structure for repository with persistence
manager in file system and persistence manager in db.

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