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From Paco Avila <pav...@git.es>
Subject Re: about document history
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2006 09:41:49 GMT
El mié, 22-03-2006 a las 01:08 -0800, samiam escribió:
> hi toby
> the usecase is about storing a lot of binary documents (*.doc *.pdf *.tif
> ...) per "project". filesizes will be from a few KBs up to a few MBs. Every
> change in such a document done by a user has to be stored as a version. (it
> is necessary to be able at any time reconstruct all changes in a document
> and to detect who did those changes)
> a document will exists at least a few years and the number of versions can
> grow over 100.
> so we are talking about TBs of data and millions of nodes with binary
> content. therefore performance and used space are two very "hot" topics i
> have to handle.

Me too.

Paco Avila
GIT Consultors

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