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From Mark Slater <li...@humanesoftware.com>
Subject Best Practice: defining custom nodes
Date Sun, 19 Feb 2006 06:49:23 GMT
I've got my repository's custom nodes defined, and I have no problem  
reading them in (I'm using Jackrabbit's xml.NodeTypeReader) and  
adding them to the repository. The question I have is, where is the  
best place to do this? I'd love to be able to specify my custom  
nodes, or at least the file location, in a config file someplace, and  
have Jackrabbit read them in automatically if/when it has to create  
the repository for the first time. What I don't want to be doing is  
trying to add them every time I get a Session since they only need to  
be configured once.

What is the current Best Practice for adding custom nodes to the  
repository when it is created? From what I can tell, the  
specification of the Repository configuration DTD has been left  
entirely up to the implementation. Is there any reason there isn't an  
element for specifying the custom node definition file location  
there, and possibly the "Reader" type used to process the file?



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