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From Mark Slater <li...@humanesoftware.com>
Subject Single vs. Multiple Workspaces
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2006 20:24:47 GMT
Is there a performance benefit or hit to splitting a repository into  
multiple workspaces?

The design I'm considering will create one workspace for each user's  
"owned" data, and several "shared" data workspaces more directly  
managed by the system. On the other hand, it would be a little easier  
for me to code a single workspace design so if there's no difference,  
that's probably better for me right now. But if Jackrabbit's  
performance is better when data is split over multiple workspaces,  
I'd spend the extra time on it. A lot of my app's data, including  
collections of larger data files (1-10 MB each) are going to be  
stored in the Jackrabbit repository so I'm a little concerned about  
performance there.


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