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From John <jmettr...@gmail.com>
Subject jash - JCR shell
Date Sun, 26 Feb 2006 22:12:54 GMT

I was looking for a JCR shell, a command line tool for manipulating a
JCR, but after a bit of googling and a look at the JCR and at
JackRabbit, I couldn't find one.

So I spent my afternoon writing one, as I'll need one soon (OpenWFE is
actively developing a JCR persistence system). It may be very useful,
being able to run scripts against JCRs, for maintenance.

Maybe I've spent my time in vain and something like this already
exist, I'm sure someone on this list will tell me.

Maybe it doesn't exist and that could interest someone.

I've named it "jash". It currently understands commands like 'ls',
'cd', 'pwd', 'exit', 'echo', 'save', 'alias' and 'setp' (setProperty).
I plan on implementing 'cp', 'rm' and 'mv' very soon. Import/Export
commands will be needed too.

It uses JackRabbit's "TransientRepository" for now.

You can get this initial version at :

Feedback is welcome.

Best regards,

John Mettraux   -///-   http://www.openwfe.org

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