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From Mark Slater <li...@humanesoftware.com>
Subject Re: Model 1 and Model 2 example deployment webapp
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 11:16:57 GMT
I have no problem with it being merged with the existing example. I'm  
not saying that I'll be able to actively maintain it, but I do have  
some motivation to (I may someday get an undergrad to help with my  
project and that sample app will get them mostly configured on their  
own machine). And if you want to incorporate the docs into the main  
site, that's fine too.

I've re-uploaded the site and the project's .tar.gz. Sorry about  
that. Trying to fix a spelling error :).

I've also attached the .tar.gz to the new Jira issue: JCR-319.


On Feb 15, 2006, at 2:58 AM, Jukka Zitting wrote:

> Hi,
> On 2/15/06, Mark Slater <lists@humanesoftware.com> wrote:
>> Based on my experiences over the past few days, I've created a small
>> webapp (based on the FirstHops tutorial) to demonstrate and document
>> the process of configuring both a Model 1 Embedded repository
>> deployment and a Model 2 Shared repository deployment.
>> [...]
>> I'd like to offer it for inclusion in the contrib/ section.
> Very nice, thanks! I'd be happy to integrate that with Jackrabbit. How
> about if we merged your example webapp with the existing, but not
> actively maintained examples contrib? I'd also like to put your docs
> directly on the main Jackrabbit web site. Would that be OK for you?
>> If anyone out there has a little more time and wants to try building,
>> configuring, and running the webapps on their own system, that would
>> also be really nice. The entire project can be found at:
>> http://whisper.cse.ucsc.edu/jackrabbit_deployment_test/
>> jackrabbit_deployment_test.tar.gz
> I couldn't download it, the server gives me a 404 Not Found. Can you
> post a Jira issue and upload the project as an attachment? That would
> also take care of the license grant issue.
> PS. Do we need a CLA for this or is the Jira license grant option good
> enough? The contribution seems to contain one source file, a couple of
> documentation pages, and the related project and appliction
> configuration files.
> BR,
> Jukka Zitting
> --
> Yukatan - http://yukatan.fi/ - info@yukatan.fi
> Software craftmanship, JCR consulting, and Java development

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