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From Serge Huber <shub...@jahia.com>
Subject Re: Curious about Jackrabbit...
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 11:20:17 GMT
Morten LAURITSEN wrote:
> Jackrabbit is an almost perfect fit for the requirements on a project we 
> will soon be working on, so naturally we are hoping we won't have to 
> implement all this functionality ourselves.
Well, it's hard to help you know if it's a good fit without knowing what 
you're trying to develop :) But of course this might be something you're 
not at liberty to discuss ?
> The recent 0.9 release and the quite active mailing list suggests that the 
> project is healthy and moving towards a stable release.
Yes there is a lot of interest in Jackrabbit, especially in Switzerland 
:) I think that Jackrabbit is a fascinating new project, and it seems 
that a lot of developers gather around this idea.
> We realize there are no guarantees with free software, but how risky would 
> you guys say it would be to use 0.9 in a production environment? 
> Naturally, we aren't talking nuclear reactor content management. ;-)
> Is there a roadmap / planned shipping date for the 1.0 release? Again, no 
> guarantees expected, just general idea.
> If we do choose jackrabbit we will of course try to be good citizens, 
> contributing whatever we can.
Actually one of the first ways to contribute is to test it and if you 
see limits with the implementation, to contribute improvements, etc.


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