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From Carlos Villegas <...@uniscope.jp>
Subject Re: setProperty ItemNotFoundException
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 11:15:37 GMT
Yes, I agree. There must be a bug somewhere else. The problem is, I
don't know how the node got corrupted in the first place, but it's
happenning quite often. I'm adding more logging to the application to
see if I can detect the cause of this problem. I'll have to modify the
RMI client to send more info about exceptions, I'm missing info like the
complete server stack trace when using the RMI client.
The other issue is, once the repository is inconsistent, should
Jackrabbit try to deal with these inconsistencies cleanly. It seems that
it cannot recover from some errors. My application is detecting that the
node is not behaving properly, so it tries to delete it but it can't.
This is the easiest solution I found so my application can continue
running. The other place to deal with the inconsistency is in the
setProperty operation, I'll try that next.


Tobias Bocanegra wrote:
> hi carlos,
> i would be good, if you could figure out some test-case or test-code
> that reproduces the behaviour you've seen. if the itegrity of the
> repository is corrupted, there must be a bug somewhere else. i don't
> think covering the exception does any good to this :-)
> regards, toby
> On 2/22/06, Carlos Villegas <cav@uniscope.jp> wrote:
>>I'm new to this list, and JIRA is very slow...
>>I having a trouble in which sometimes Node.setProperty throws an
>>ItemNotFoundException. It seems the node is corrupted, that property was
>>set previously and something went wrong. Now it throws ItemNotFound. I
>>try to trace the exception, and found that the id exists, so it seems
>>the property is defined somewhere but it gives the error when it tries
>>to retrieve the item state. So I tried to delete the node and recreate
>>it but it gives me the same error, I can't delete it.
>>Well, to make the deletion work, I did the following on
>>       // remove properties
>>       // use temp set to avoid ConcurrentModificationException
>>       HashSet tmp = new HashSet(thisState.getPropertyNames());
>>       for (Iterator iter = tmp.iterator(); iter.hasNext();) {
>>           QName propName = (QName) iter.next();
>>           // remove the property entry
>>           thisState.removePropertyName(propName);
>>           // remove property
>>           PropertyId propId = new PropertyId(thisState.getNodeId(),
>>           try {
>>               itemMgr.getItem(propId).setRemoved();
>>           } catch (ItemNotFoundException ne) {
>>               // ignore it!!!!?????
>>           }
>>       }
>>Note the try/catch statement.
>>This works, I can now delete the node and recreate it. But I don't know
>>if this is correct or if it leaves garbage in the persistence storage.
>>Also I don't know how the node got to that state. But I need to do some
>>Any thoughts?
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