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From "Giancarlo F. Berner" <Gianca...@TheBerners.ch>
Subject Re: Curious about Jackrabbit...
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 08:53:07 GMT
Next to the Apache Jackrabbit project, there are two additional 
directions you may want to look at:
- JSR 170 compliant repositories (Jackrabbit, CRX)
- Applications based on JSR 170 compliant repositories (Communique, 

Jackrabbit is the Reference Implementation of the JSR 170 specification, 
so it fulfills all requirements regarding the repository specs.
However, you may want to look at Day's powerful, fully JSR 170 compliant 
CRX, the perhaps most powerful JSR 170 compliant repository on the market.
Check http://jsr170tools.day.com/crx/index.jsp to get an idea about 
Day's CRX (www.day.com).

To give you an idea how reliable Jackrabbit is: There are already two 
CMS based on Jackrabbit and CRX very well established on the market:
- Magnolia (www.magnolia.info) is built on Jackrabbit and very solid. 
There are many professional applications (like http://www.mghihp.edu/ or
  http://www.amgentourofcalifornia.com/), which are built with Magnolia 
and relying 100% on Jackrabbit.
- Communique is perhaps the best CMS on the market, based on CRX. Check 
http://www.day.com for a large list of successfully implemented 
applications running with Communique.

And perhaps the last reason to rely on the JSR 170 repository 
technology: There is a company, http://www.xumak.com, which offers 
professional services on JSR 170 specific technology (such as 
Consulting, Training, Support and Project Engineering, for Communique, 
Magnolia, CRX and Jackrabbit). 


Morten LAURITSEN wrote:
>         Hello,
> First of all, if this question is in any way inappropriate for this 
> mailing list, I am very sorry to be wasting your time. Please direct me 
> towards the right person / mailing list.
> I was looking for an implementation of the JSR-170 which supports 
> searching and versioning, and google pointed me straight to jackrabbit.
> I and my colleagues have been reading the information on the site, the 
> documentation, the source code, browsing the mail archives etc. trying to 
> get a feel for the maturity of the project.
> Jackrabbit is an almost perfect fit for the requirements on a project we 
> will soon be working on, so naturally we are hoping we won't have to 
> implement all this functionality ourselves.
> The recent 0.9 release and the quite active mailing list suggests that the 
> project is healthy and moving towards a stable release.
> We realize there are no guarantees with free software, but how risky would 
> you guys say it would be to use 0.9 in a production environment? 
> Naturally, we aren't talking nuclear reactor content management. ;-)
> Is there a roadmap / planned shipping date for the 1.0 release? Again, no 
> guarantees expected, just general idea.
> If we do choose jackrabbit we will of course try to be good citizens, 
> contributing whatever we can.
> Thanks for your time,

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