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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: Does SimpleWebdavServlet Support Search?
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2006 17:17:52 GMT
hi phil

> I am interested in doing a DASL search on a Jackrabbit server accessed 
> via the SimpleWebdavServlet.  It appears
> to me that the WebdavResource objects created by this servlet don't 
> implement  the SearchResource interface.

this is correct. the default resource implementation in the simple 
servlet provides webdav 1,2 compliance classes. similarly the
simple server is limited to webdav 1,2 methods, although actually
i don't see the reason for this.

> If not 
> configurable, how big a coding task might it be to implement? 

you would need to
- create a DavResource implementation that is searchable, thus
   implements the SearchResource.
- provide the corresponding resource-factory.

currently you would also need to provide a servlet since the
simple server limits the possible methods. however, we could
remove this limitation, if nobody objects.

> I see 
> relevant looking code in o.a.j.webdav.jcr.search.  Might I be able to 
> adapt that to my needs?  Any pointers?

the code in o.a.j.webdav.jcr.* is created for jcr remoting over
webdav. therefore its not a generic implementation of the
Webdav Search internet draft. it may depend on your needs whether
this is helpful...
please also note that up to now there is not utility for the 
DAV:basicsearch, since i could not find strong reasons
for this approach :)

kind regards

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