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From Marcel Reutegger <marcel.reuteg...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: DP Persistence manager implementation
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2006 11:00:07 GMT
Przemyslaw Pakulski wrote:
> But in fact in real application most of business method ends with either 
> save, checkin or commit, and in consequence concurrent calls of this 
> methods will block each other and wait for storing modified data.
> We are using versioning feature intensively, and we have performance 
> problems mainly with write operations. Additionally we notice big 
> performance degradation when we switch to SimpleDBPersistenceManager 
> with MySQL or other db using network communications. So it looks like 
> overall performance depends much on PM implementation because all 
> save/checkin operations wait for PM until he finish all his work.
> One solution to avoid blocking write operations could be special 
> thread/s responsible for flushing data to PM, but i don't think so that 
> Jackrabbit uses asynchronous processing.

deferred flushing of data to the PM will put ACID properties of a 
transaction at risk. I don't think this is a valid approach.

> If there exists any singleton component on top of PM, which is 
> reponsible for serializing all saves, checkins or transactions then 
> naturally using connection pools doesn't help, but maybe it means that 
> Jackrabbit is not designed to work effectively in multithreaded 
> environment.

IMO jackrabbit works quite well in a multi-threaded environment, but of 
course there is always room for improvement.

I've created a jira issue that deals with concurrency and fine grained 
locking enhancements in the SharedItemStateManager: 

> Even if usage of connection pool is not reasonable in current design, I 
> think it is worth to consider JDBC batch updates instead of single 
> updates to gain better DBPM performance.

That's a very good point. We should definitively look into this in more 


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