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From Mark Slater <li...@humanesoftware.com>
Subject Model 1 and Model 2 example deployment webapp
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 10:19:30 GMT
Based on my experiences over the past few days, I've created a small  
webapp (based on the FirstHops tutorial) to demonstrate and document  
the process of configuring both a Model 1 Embedded repository  
deployment and a Model 2 Shared repository deployment. The  
documentation explains how to configure both Tomcat and the webapp,  
and the webapp tests both deployments.

I'd like to offer it for inclusion in the contrib/ section. It's a  
maven project, and I've tried to put all the right Copyright notices  
and license files where they belong. Before it gets checked in  
though, it might be good if one or two people who are more familiar  
with this process than I am could check over the documentation I  
wrote to go along with it for errors. There's not much, and a lot of it
is based on documentation already in the Jackrabbit site, I just go  
into a little more detail about how things work with Tomcat  
specifically. This is something that I know I would have found pretty  
useful when I started out a few days ago.

The maven-generated site can be found at:


If anyone out there has a little more time and wants to try building,  
configuring, and running the webapps on their own system, that would  
also be really nice. The entire project can be found at:


I'm open to any suggestions that would improve it.


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