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From "Daglian, Michael \(IT\)" <Michael.Dagl...@morganstanley.com>
Subject Automatic Mixins
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 16:10:17 GMT
Hi everyone,

I was curious if it's possible to automatically associate mixins with a
given primary node type. Using a mixin as a supertype seems to properly
associated the required properties (and responds true to
Node.isNodeType(mix:type) but does not set the jcr:mixinTypes property
nor expose nodes of that primary type when using queries of the form
//element(*, mix:type). Am I misinterpreting the spec in this regard? Is
there a recommended/possible way to achieve the above results
automatically? I am currently running a fairly old build (rev 374074
from 2/1). Thanks and apologies if this has been answered previously.

Best Regards,

-- Mike

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