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From solprovi...@apache.org
Subject Re: Advice on building a CMS
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2006 04:34:11 GMT
On 1/29/06, Roy T. Fielding <fielding@gbiv.com> wrote:
> On Jan 29, 2006, at 9:45 AM, solprovider@apache.org wrote:
> > The Apache CMS is the Lenya project:
> Er, no, the correct thing to say is that Apache Lenya is a CMS project.
> Apache has many CMS projects.
> ...Roy

The question was about using Jackrabbit in a CMS.  Lenya is moving to
Jackrabbit because this is a good fit, and because both are Apache
projects.  Looking at Lenya would provide insight into his first and
third bullets.  Writing an AJAX menu system (his second bullet) is
easy with Lenya; I did it in a couple of hours, but my customer did
not want it, so it was never tested enough to be shared.

Forrest is for documentation, and could be integrated/available as a
Lenya module (plug-in) next year.  Besides Lenya, what project is
primarily defined as a CMS?  Is there another Apache CMS that Maarten
should investigate?  (I would also be interested.)


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