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From "Ashley Martens" <marte...@asconline.com>
Subject Stupid question
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2006 18:10:22 GMT
I'm trying to run a query that's returns all the versions of a node where a certain value exists.
For example;
"/jcr:root/test-app/Attachments/*[@jcr:primaryType='nt:frozenNode' and @jcr:frozenPrimaryType='pl:attachment'
and @pl:contactDate='2005-12-26']", which does not work. I can use "/jcr:root/test-app/Attachments/*[@jcr:primaryType='pl:attachment'
and @pl:contactDate='2005-12-26']" to get the current version but it does not query all the
versions of the node.

Any ideas?
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