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From Stefan Guggisberg <stefan.guggisb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Newbies question
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 15:17:01 GMT
On 1/18/06, Jérôme BENOIS <benois@argia-engineering.fr> wrote:
> Hi,
>         Thanks for your response.
>         I replaced my PM by DerbyPM and an error occured when i run my test :
>         INFO main fr.openmodel.cms.imports.process.Impl_ImportMgtProcess -
> inserted count = 18500/50000
> ERROR main
> org.apache.jackrabbit.core.state.db.SimpleDbPersistenceManager - failed
> to write property state: f08c7241-032f-4515-a0cd-c8592649b45e

note that the exception msg is wrong, i fixed it. the problem occured while
storing node references. you seem to have a *lot* of reference properties
refering to the same target node.i suggest you either modify your data model
or you modify the schema of the DerbyPersistenceManager (see the
derby.ddl file for an example). you can e.g. change the following line

create table ${schemaObjectPrefix}REFS (NODE_ID char(36) not null,
REFS_DATA blob not null)


create table ${schemaObjectPrefix}REFS (NODE_ID char(36) not null,
REFS_DATA blob(10M) not null)


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