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From Nicolas Belisle <Nicolas.Beli...@bibl.ulaval.ca>
Subject Re: Lucene JCR Index
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2006 18:13:59 GMT

Sorry for my late response.

I took a quick look at Compass documentation.
I think one has to subclass 
if he wishes to add a custom storage mechanism.
They use a connection parameter for configuration. 
LuceneSearchEngineStoreFactory seems to create the appropriate 
AbstractLuceneSearchEngineStore implementation based on the connection 
prefix. One could add, for example, a jcr: prefix that looks in JNDI for a 
 From there, one should be able to use Compass as with other storage 
I do not know for transactions support. I think can they retrieve JTA 
transaction from JNDI. I suppose the storage implementation is responsible 
for publishing it ?



Le 20:25 2006-01-12, vous avez écrit:
>must be "lucene-day" today
>see also:
>their main feature:
>"Being able to store the Lucene indexes in a database [...]"
>haven't had a deeper look at yours but maybe your project can align nicely 
>with compass.
>I like compass because it works nicely with spring, so a JCR+Lucene+Spring 
>stack would be good.
>If it doesn't fit in your strategy just ignore it as a random wild thought.
>kind regards
>Nicolas Belisle wrote:
>>I've contributed a JCR Directory implementation for Lucene.
>>What it does: allows the storage of indexes in a JCR repository

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