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From Sandro Böhme <sandro.boe...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Browsing Magnolia (in fact any Jackrabbit) repositories with jLibrary
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 20:48:29 GMT
Hi Martin,

I plan to create a new version of the JCR Browser. If you want, I can 
create it as an reusable eclipse plugin
and I can integrate it in your jlibrary system. The probably most simple 
interface would be the JCR-Session
so you don't depend on my security-configuration options.
But on the other hand, the first goal of my JCR Browser will be the 
connection to different repositories and
deployment methods. If you would want to use it, the according interface 
would then be javax.jcr.Repository.
Maybe you could use this interface and return the javax.jcr.Session to 
the view-plugin(NodeView, PropertyView). This way the Session would be 
one single interface to the view. I still need to find out, how this 
corresponds to
the eclipse feature/plugin/fragment architecture.
What do you think in general? Just do be sure, would it be ok for you to 
have a third party plugin that you
would not need to maintain? Or do you only want to have an own JCR-Browser?



Martin Perez wrote:

>Well, several times people have been asking here for a tool to browse
>JCR repositories.
>I have written an article where I explain how you can use jLibrary
>(http://jlibrary.sourceforge.net) to browse Magnolia repositories.
>That article could be easily extended to any Jackrabbit based
>The article is located here: http://jlibrary.sourceforge.net/11/magnolia.html .
>Be aware that the browser is experimental. The only things you can do
>is the ones I explain on the article. Simply browse repositories, and
>see their guts. But I'm sure that there are people that could find it
>very useful!

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