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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Jcr-Server: Information about changes
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 11:54:46 GMT
hi all

as stated in JCR-258 i made some effort to remove
the jdom dependency from the jcr-server contrib.
see also JCR-54 for the corresponding issue in the
jackrabbit core.

this led to some changes in the webdav-library regarding
the xml handling (the library interfaces and classes now
implementing a common interface with a single 'toXml'
furthermore i removed the XmlUtil.java class from the util
package and added all Xml related utilities to a new xml
package. the new package mainly contains utility classes
such as a replacement for the jdom.Namespace and a DomUtil
class, that allowed to easier switch over to w3c.dom.

in addition i addressed some minor issues:

- JCR-295: usage of Cache-Control header
- JCR-297: log output while parsing xml
- DavServletRequest, OrderingDavServletRequest: allow
   the methods involved with parsing the xml to throw
   DavException if the request body is obviously wrong.
- DavPropertySet and DavPropertyNameSet are modified to
   share a common base class (PropContainer). The reason
   for this was, that RFC2518 defines a single DAV:prop
   element that may contain properties or propertynames
- MultiStatusResponse: closer to the definition of RFC2518
   where a response may either contain href + propstat
   or href + status. before this was not asserted by the
- MultiStatus: use map to collect the contained response
   elements instead of list in order to avoid a single
   href to occur multiple times.
- webdav.header: a common interface and some additional
- server.io.ExportContextImpl: assert that the stream
   obtained by getOutputStream is properly closed. this
   also allows to retrieve the contentlength.
- removal of * imports

i let litmus run and there were no additional tests failing
(see attached txt file). in addition i performed a few basic
test for features not covered by litmus.

if nobody objects i will commit my changes next week.


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