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From solprovi...@apache.org
Subject Re: Addition to Download Page
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 10:15:51 GMT
On 12/6/05, Jukka Zitting <jukka@zitting.name> wrote:
> solprovider@apache.org wrote:
> > Both of my threads were meant to improve the instructions to aid other
> > newbies.  It's this Open Source sharing thing where everybody
> > contributes, so I mentioned where the instructions were confusing or
> > incomplete.  On the good side, posting helped me learn more about
> > Maven.  I had not used Jackrabbit or Maven before Saturday.
> Thanks for raising the issues, I've just committed more detailed build
> instructions and plan to add a few FAQ items to help guide future users.
> The confusion started from your messages about dom4j and
> commons-collection version 2.1. Those dependencies have not been used by
> Jackrabbit for many months (did you have an old checkout or were you
> building something else?), so your proposals for improving the
> instructions were based on false assumptions.

= Full disclosure =
The "dom4j" error was from Maven.  I think I launched it from the
Program Files menu.  Jackrabbit did not build properly, so I tried
again from a command line, making certain I was in the correct
directory.  I noticed that the error was solved by rerunning Maven, so
I posted about it.

I am uncertain why those JARs were downloaded, probably Maven's
defaults.  After building Jackrabbit, I tried the example code.  It
complained about undefined classes.  So I went looking in the
Jackrabbit and Maven directories for the missing stuff.  The only JARs
I found were under in Maven's lib directory.  I tried them, and
"discovered" the version issue with the collection classes.  I checked
the APIs, noticed the latest collection release had the classes in the
correct subpackage, downloaded it, and it worked.  Then I posted about
the issue.

The other thread mentioned using "maven copy-deps".  Tried it.  Great!
 Changed my batch file to set the CLASSPATH to those files.  Then I
checked the instructions and found the line about "maven copy-deps"
buried in a paragraph, so I suggested different phrasing.

I hope that helps.  Lenya is making Jackrabbit the default datastore. 
We really want a stable release of Jackrabbit soon.  The easier the
instructions => more people successfully try it => more developers
working with it => the faster it is stable.

As for me:
I use Apache software to build business solutions.  I document
everything.  I contribute to Lenya.  I found a design flaw in Cocoon
(they reduced usability by forcing a return value to be an encoded
string), but it cannot be fixed without breaking backwards

Jackrabbit caught my interest because it is mentioned often on the
Lenya MLs.  It seems the perfect base for a project I have been
thinking about for 7 years.  The first step is a client, so I am
developing a Swing front-end for Jackrabbit.  Familiarity with
Jackrabbit will also improve my developing future versions of Lenya. 
I will contribute whatever I notice, whether code changes or confusing
instructions.  You can always ignore my advice.


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