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From "John Mazzitelli" <john.mazzite...@jboss.com>
Subject RE: JCR, RMI & WebDAV - draft HOWTO - revison 0.2
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2005 15:36:37 GMT

Thanks again - I'm sure it took a long time to write all this up.  It
wasn't in vain - I've read over this a couple times to get a feel for
how all this is done and I'm going thru step by step now.

> Obviously, if there are further errors in this "corrected" message,
> please say so.

Step 5 - in the maven command mentioned "copy_deps" - the underscore
should be a dash ... "copy-deps".

I can't get by step 7 though.  I go to the jcr-server directory and run
the maven clean jar:install dist but I get this:

Cannot install file:
'C:\projects\jackrabbit\contrib\jcr-server\project.xml'. Reason: Failed
to copy full contents from
C:\projects\jackrabbit\contrib\jcr-server\project.xml to C:\Documents

I'm thinking the "cd jackrabbit/contrib/jcr-server" should be "cd
jackrabbit/contrib/jcr-server/server".  But I'm not sure since that
would imply the other subprojects like webdav, webapp and client won't
be built.

In any event, the README in jcr-server says you should explicitly build
webdav, server, client and webapp subprojects separately and in that

I'll let you know what else I find.  Thanks again for starting this
thread, definitely helpful.

John Mazz  

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Peter Darton [mailto:peterd@intrinsica.co.uk] 
> Sent: Friday, December 09, 2005 11:21 AM
> To: jackrabbit-dev@incubator.apache.org
> Subject: JCR, RMI & WebDAV - draft HOWTO - revison 0.2
> Ok, my previous post on this subject triggered a number of responses,
> including a fair few corrections.
> So, in order to try and salvage what's left of my dignity, I thought I
> should attempt to collate all those corrections into one 
> place so we end
> up with a single "correct" document instead of a long thread of
> corrections.
> I even managed to get a few more bits running, reducing my 
> "whinge list"
> a lot :-)
> Obviously, if there are further errors in this "corrected" message,
> please say so.

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