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From "Peter Darton" <pet...@intrinsica.co.uk>
Subject RE: JCR, RMI & WebDAV - draft HOWTO - revison 0.2
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2005 17:41:43 GMT
> Step 5 - in the maven command mentioned "copy_deps" - the 
> underscore should be a dash ... "copy-deps".

Note to self: Must use Cut & Paste _even_ if it'd be quicker to type

> I'm thinking the "cd jackrabbit/contrib/jcr-server" should be 
> "cd jackrabbit/contrib/jcr-server/server".  But I'm not sure 
> since that would imply the other subprojects like webdav, 
> webapp and client won't be built.

Ok, I think we'll have to go back to the 4-stage build that I originally
described in "version 0.1" of my "howto".
I'd been informed (after my whinge-list included a rant about default
build targets) that the default target of jackrabbit/contrib/jcr-server
was sufficient in itself to build everything, so I tried that, and I had
some success.
That said, it's possible I hadn't cleaned up properly after previous
successful builds and it only built successfully because of those.
In _theory_ doing a default build in jackrabbit/contrib/jcr-server
should result in the whole project being built successfully, although
that won't build the documentation (and building the top-level
documentation doesn't build the sub-projects' documentation).

So I guess we need to replace stage 7 with:

7) Build jackrabbit WebDAV:
 cd jackrabbit/contrib/jcr-server
 maven clean
 cd webdav
 maven dist
 cd ../server
 maven dist
 cd ../client
 maven dist
 cd ../webapp
 maven dist
 cd ../../../..
 - Note: Although not necessary to run WebDAV, I found it useful to
build "dist" as well because the JavaDocs are the only documentation
you'll get (and they're not built by default).



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