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From "Peter Darton" <pet...@intrinsica.co.uk>
Subject RE: WebDAV and Windows XP SP 2
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 12:14:17 GMT
I am able to browse the repository.  I've not had much success in doing
much more, however.

HOWTO browse a JCR WebDav using Windows XP SP2 (WinXP SP2):

 - Open up "My Network Places" (from classic look, double-click on my
computer, press "up a directory" to see the desktop, you should find "My
Network Places".  On the new style, it's on the big start menu)
 - Open "Add Network Place"
 - That'll open an "Add Network Place Wizard".  Click "Next".
 - That'll claim to download things from the internet then give you a
list (usually with only one option!).  Highlight "Choose another network
location" and click "Next".
 - That'll ask for the "Internet or network address:".  You'll need to
enter "http://yourTomcatServerName:port/jackrabbit-server/server/",
replacing "yourTomcatServerName:port" as required.  Then click "Next"
 - That'll prompt for a username and password.  Enter a Tomcat username
& password.  Make sure "Remember my password" is ticked.  Click ok (or
press return).
 - The wizard will then attempt to open the folder, so if the username
or password is wrong or the server isn't working, it'll then tell you.
If all goes well, it'll then try to open the folder and prompt you for
the username and password again (Yes, it's forgotten already, even
though you told it to remember it).
 - That should result in a folder being displayed.  You should be able
to use this to browse around.  Note: If you didn't tell windows to
remember the password, you'll have to enter it in over and over again,
instead of just twice.

In theory, you should be able to drag & drop content.
However I've not had much success with this - it's claimed success, but
after restarting Tomcat, all my files are zero-length.  I don't believe
this is a fault with the process describe above, however, as attempts
using Novell NetDrive and using DAV Explorer all seem to suffer the same
effects.  It might be a configuration issue at my end, I'm not sure.

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