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From St├ęphane Croisier <scroisi...@jahia.com>
Subject Re: webdav server(s)
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2005 17:14:01 GMT

There is a thread running on right now on the 
Slide Dev List about moving Slide to a Top Level 
Apache Project (TLP). Currently we are using 
Slide as a temporary solution to store some 
binary files for our CMS and I agree quite a lot 
with the conclusions of Brian... The Slide 
project is nearly dead and without nearly any 
activities from beginning of this year.

So the best solution would certainly be to open a 
new "dav.apache.org" top level project which 
would include a Slide 3.0 full refactoring based 
on Jackrabbit (or whatever would be the new name 
of such a project) and try to gather all the 
currently scarce DAV ressources and expertises 
into one single project.... Then CalDAV or other 
DAV extensions would then also easily fit in such a new TLP...

My 2 cts...

At 17:31 14.12.2005, Brian Moseley wrote:
>Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>>>personally, i have no interest in working on 
>>>such a thing. i wouldn't tell somebody not to 
>>>do it, but i wouldn't help them either.
>>Can you tell us why?
>i found the slide codebase to be extremely 
>confusing, verging on incomprehensible. i was 
>unable to make heads or tails of the apis and 
>had only the vaguest inkling of how i might extend it for caldav.
>by contrast, the jcr-server design is relatively 
>simple and elegant, and the extension points are natural and obvious.
>also the slide community didn't seem to have 
>much momentum back in the spring of 2005. there 
>was no defined release plan and extremely little 
>support on the mailing list. the documentation 
>that existed was sparse and often frustratingly 
>unintelligible, so when you had questions, you were basically screwed.
>things might have changed for the better with 
>slide, but i'm not optimistic. i vastly prefer 
>the jackrabbit code and community.

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