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From Florian Ried <FlorianR...@gmx.de>
Subject JSR-170 Levels - Images on Jackrabbit Homepage
Date Wed, 28 Dec 2005 19:13:26 GMT

I had a look at the images describing the different levels of JSR-170 on 
Why do they not correspond to the level description given in the 
specification? I also have some questions to the to different images:

Level 1:
- What does "Structured: Strong Typed Information" mean? I think that it 
only depends on the concrete implementation content wheather content is 
structured or unstructured
- Why is "transient namespace mapping" not mentioned?

Level 2:
- What does "Unstructured" mean (see level 1)
- "Referential Integrity" is only right, if the optional NodeType 
mix:referencable is supported
- What das "Access Control" mean? Session.login() or 
Session.checkPermission, I think that this a optional Feature (see Spec 
2.2 Goals).
- Why is "persistent namespace mapping" not mentioned?

Are the images available in higher resolution, i would need them for a 
term paper.


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