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From Brian Moseley <...@osafoundation.org>
Subject Re: On a Slide/DAV merge.
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 15:03:39 GMT
Daniel Florey wrote:

> So I'm be personally interested in supporting WebDAV, just because I think it would be
great to have a standard to use different upcoming clients with different servers. The following
tasks come into my mind:
> 1. Desiging a java WebDAV-api reflecting the different WebDAV-protocols.
> 2. Provide different implementations of this api for different needs:
> a) Map api calls to WebDAV-requests to use it as a WebDAV-client (comparable to Slide's
> This implementation should provide a concept for pluggable converters to for example
convert DASL-search requests to MS-Exchange requests) or to enrich DeltaV-requests with subversion
specific properties.
> b) Map api calls to Jackrabbit
> c) Companies interested in DAV-enabling their existing data can provide implementations
either implementing JSR-170 or implementing the WebDAV-api. 
> 3. Implement a server side part to parse WebDAV-requests and map them to api calls.

i definitely think all of these things are valuable and would be happy 
to see a community coalesce around such a project.

> We would be able to combine these parts to simply convert MS Exchange server into a WebDAV-server
providing DASL-compliant search...
> I have not yet had the chance to look into the DAV-interface of Jackrabbit in more detail
but when I looked at it months ago it seemed to me not to provide such a generic approach
(split into api/impl). But I may be wrong?
> Is anybody interested in such a project? 

actually, it is. there's a set of interfaces that define the key 
abstractions, a bunch of standard implementations that are reusable with 
both the "jcr server" and "simple server", and then specific 
implementation classes for each of those two "subprojects".

i'm pretty sure that the jcr-server interfaces would be a very good 
starting point for a more generalized webdav api.

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