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From Felix Meschberger <Felix.Meschber...@day.com>
Subject Re: Classloaders and extensions
Date Sun, 18 Dec 2005 10:24:34 GMT

solprovider@apache.org schrieb:
> If I understand correctly, this functionality does not help Jackrabbit
> (makes it more complex), but would allow other projects to store their
> class files inside Jackrabbit.
> So when Lenya uses Jackrabbit:
> 1. Jackrabbit loads.
> 2. Lenya's classes are extracted from Jackrabbit and load.
> 3. Lenya loads.
Exactly so.
> For a performance hit during startup, we gain the ability to store the
> entire project within the repository.  That could be good, because we
> want everything treated as content.  The concern is whether this
> damages the ability to replace Jackrabbit with another JCR
> implementation.  If it requires special functions outside JCR (rather
> than built on JCR), we could not use it.
The only Jackrabbit functionality required up to now, is that (mixin) 
node types may need to be configured (left out by intent from JSR 170) - 
and of course that a series of optional JCR node types like nt:file and 
nt:folder be present. Apart from that, only JCR standard API is used. If 
you can solve defining the node type(s) outside the classloader and 
extension framework code by repository specific functionality, you can 
use any standards complying implementation you like.


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