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From Brian Moseley <...@osafoundation.org>
Subject Re: AW: webdav server(s)
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2005 17:05:22 GMT
Daniel Florey wrote:

> It would be great to have a full featured WebDAV-stack implemented in Java
> with a simple and consistent api.

i agree, simple and consistent being keywords :)

> 3. The server implementation should be open to make it possible to add
> support specs easily. This requires a good concept of virtual resources and
> live/dead properties. But theses details can be discussed later on.

absolutely 100% agree.

> 4. Provide a single api for both local and remote repository communication.
> In case of remote repository communication of course WebDAV should be used
> as a protocol to enable communication with existing WebDAV-servers (Ms
> Exchange, SAP Netweaver, Software AG's Tamino-Server etc).

what you're describing sounds like webdav proxying. or do mean something 

> 5. Support for feature examination. The api should reflect the different
> levels of WebDAV support that the server provides. ACL's can be exposed in
> different ways, some specs may not be supported by certain servers. This
> should be reflected in the api.


> We are currently discussing to move Slide to TLP at the
> Slide-dev-Mailinglist. Personally I'd prefer to create a new
> webdav.apache.org TLP and start something more elegant from scratch. If
> there is a chance to combine the efforts taken in the Slide and in the
> Jackrabbit project concerning the WebDAV support, I'd be glad to support
> this effort.

so would i, as long as the effort really is from scratch and is not 
simply a refactoring or reheating of slide.

we've already got a great set of building blocks with jcr-server, and my 
own project has too much invested in it for me to consider putting 
effort into a ground-up rebuild.

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