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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: svn commit: r354815 - /incubator/jackrabbit/trunk/contrib/jcr-server/webdav/src/java/org/apache/jackrabbit/webdav/WebdavRequestImpl.java
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2005 09:52:15 GMT

>> Brian Moseley wrote:
>>> Angela Schreiber wrote:
>>> from my understanding the contentlength is therefore -1 if the
>>> request body is sent 'chunked' as defined by http 1.1

>> ah, yeah, could be. i haven't ever used chunked, so i'm not educated 
>> about it.

see RFC 2616:

- 3.6 Transfer Codings
- 4.4 Message Length
- 14.13 Content-Length

[...] Content-Length SHOULD be sent unless this is prohibited by the 
rules in section 4.4. [...]

due to this 'SHOULD' i don't suggest to add a check for
Content-Length OR Transfer-Encoding.

>>> for this reason i checked for the inputstream not being null
>>> and did not check the content-length. what do you think?

>> before my change, there were many spurious debug "Unable to build an 
>> XML Document from the request body" messages that polluted my debug 
>> log and freaked out my system administrators. it seemed as if this 
>> method was trying to parse xml off an input stream that had no data to 
>> be read.

>> maybe there's a better way to short circuit parsing when there's no 
>> data. perhaps InputStream.available()?

hm.... java api states:
"The available method for class InputStream always returns 0.
  This method should be overridden by subclasses."

to be honest, i would rather not rely this 'should'. i quickly
discussed it with dominique and he didn't look so confident
about the 'available' either.

> angela, thoughts?

sure. always. but sometimes i prefer not to share them ;)

to come to a conclusion: the reason why you added the check
is your system administrator being frightend by 'DEBUG' messages
in the log file. you may set the log-level to 'WARN'... alternatively
we comment the log output until i have time to think about
yet another suggestion. it doesn't see the need for a immediate
action regarding this issue.



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