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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Jcr-Server: Request for Advice
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2005 18:30:59 GMT
Brian Moseley wrote:
> Angela Schreiber wrote:
>> i felt quite uneasy with some of the changes commited
>> by brian yesterday and tried to express myself replying
>> to the commit-mails (sorry for spaming those that are
>> not involved).
>> but i was not sure how those conflicts should be resolved.
>> since i feel responsible for the jcr-server, i changed
>> a few things back, i considered to be not correct... but
>> i don't know, whether this is even allowed....
>> anyway, i'd like to raise the question, how such
>> conflicts should be handled... so far, there were
>> no such issues within the jackrabbit list, since every
>> commiter has some sort of area of responsibility. i just
>> remember one single incident.
> i've been watching apache projects for many years, and i don't recall 
> ever having seen "owners" of particular pieces of code. my expectation 
> when i was given commit access to jackrabbit was that i would be an 
> equal contributor.
> i'm also used to apache projects working on a commit-then-review basis. 
> but maybe i haven't been paying close enough attention.
> as i mentioned in another message, i fully expect to have a lot of back 
> and forth initially as i come to understand angela's design more fully. 
> that's natural and no problem to me. i also expect to have to back out 
> some changes when the concensus is that they are wrong.
> in the case of jcr-server, i'm not sure how to build concensus and 
> resolve differences when there are only two of us who are actively 
> committing to that subproject.
> of course, if the intention is for angela to be the authoritative owner 
> of jcr-server, then concensus isn't really an issue, and i'll have to 
> learn how to be more persuasive when i want changes made ;)

Correct: the ASF owns the code, nobody else.

That said, if Angela believes that it's a trivial change that might not 
upset Brian, she should just go ahead: use commit-then-review as much as 
you can.

And even when you think Brian might not understand what's going on and 
why you changed something, please state so in the logs or, even better, 
in the comments.

As far as subjective details as code formatting or variable names, it is 
up to Brian to follow the existing conventions and failing to do so 
would entitle Angela to clean it up for consistency, at least in the 
same file.

Would Brian commit a bunch of code and Angela a few patches, the thing 
would be reversed.

no, there is no default for subjective details and there shouldn't be 
one, don't even go there, just do what you feel appropriate and please 
try to avoid putting your ego on when you do so.

At the end of the day, be strict in what you send and be tolerant in 
what you receive.


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