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From Dominique Jaeggi <dominique.jae...@day.com>
Subject Re: mixins and nodes
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2005 10:18:39 GMT
a mixin nodetype is explicitely assigned to a node as part of its 
jcr:mixinTypes multi-value property. therefore only that one node 
carries the additional node type. the spec states:

6.7.4 Primary and Mixin Node Types
In a content repository, every node has one and only one primary node 
type. This node type defines, as mentioned, a set of restrictions on the 
child items of the node.
In addition to its single primary node type, a node may also have any 
number of mixin node types assigned to it. A mixin type is similar to a 
primary type in that its definition has the same parameters. It differs, 
though, in that it provides additional features to a node, beyond those 
defined in the node type proper.
Furthermore, while a primary node type can be “instantiated” as a node 
(i.e., that node’s structure is fully defined by its primary node type) 
this is not the case with mixin types. A mixin type cannot serve, by 
itself, to define the structure of a node; it just adds properties and 
child node requirements to a node that already has a primary node type.
A particular supported node type is either a primary type or a mixin 
type; it cannot be both.


Alexandru Popescu wrote:

> Hi!
> I was asking myself (and searching through the spec, but I couldn't 
> figure out the answer yet):
> - if I have node of a specified type: let's call it test:somenode and 
> after creating an instance I add to it a mixin: mixin:testmixin than 
> all nodes of type test:somenode will have this mixing or only that 
> specific instance?
> thanks in advance,
> ./alex
> -- 
> .w( the_mindstorm )p.

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