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From Peeter Piegaze <peeter.pieg...@day.com>
Subject Re: TCK: multivalue
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 10:24:31 GMT
Hi Gennady,

You wrote:

> sorry, i just cant find clear definition in the specs and want to know this
> matter for sure as i experienced some difficulties in implementation and testing :)

As Stefan points out, the spec is quite clear on this issue. The
PropertyDefinition is "sticky". It is determined once on property
creation and that's it. Therefore the TCK test is correct. See the
Javadoc box for Property.getDefinition in section 6.7.18 of the spec:

PropertyDefinition Property.getDefinition()

Returns the property definition that applies to this Property. In some
cases there may appear to be more than one definition that could apply
to this property. However, it is assumed that upon creation of this
property, a single particular definition was used and it is that
definition that this method returns. How this governing definition is
selected upon property creation from among others which may have been
applicable is an implementation issue and is not covered by this

Throws a RepositoryException if an error occurs.

Notice that from an implementation point of view this is a simplifying
restriction in that you are not permitted to dynamically re-associate
properties with property definitions after creation. Presumably this
makes your job easier, not harder, right?


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