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From "Roy T. Fielding" <field...@gbiv.com>
Subject Re: Jcr-Server: Request for Advice
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2005 08:19:39 GMT
Actually, I think you are both doing very well so far.  We don't
have assigned responsibilities at Apache (well, other than my
responsibility to Incubator, which in turn reports to the board,
but that is only for non-technical stuff).

Disagreement over design choices is normal and even encouraged.
We would rather have a well-considered and justifiable design,
preferably with resulting documentation, than release something
that doesn't meet the needs of our own projects.  One of the
best ways to resolve a disagreement is to try to document both
alternatives in detail -- the problems with one or the other
approach can then be evaluated with more care.

Officially, when there is a concern about a commit (or even
just a plan for a commit), people generally talk about it at
first and, if necessary, vote on the alternatives.  If there
doesn't seem to be a consensus after short discussion, then
usually the new change is vetoed by one of the developers and
we move on to other things until that developer is convinced
or a better patch is proposed.

Please don't worry about sending too much email to the list.
If anything, the major reason we haven't graduated from incubator
yet is because we haven't been doing enough discussion on the list
regarding code changes.  So, the more you discuss these things, the
healthier we are as a project.

Bug fixes and previously discussed issues are generally commit
then review -- i.e., we assume it is a good change until someone
objects, and the change is reverted if it is vetoed.  Larger
design issues, like changing the public interfaces, should be
discussed here first to be sure that the changes won't wreck
someone else's dependencies on jackrabbit.

We need to learn most of this stuff as we go along.  The process
will be easier once we get more experience with releasing our code
and learn each other's expectations.



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