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From Cyrus Daboo <cyrus+lists.jackrab...@daboo.name>
Subject Queries with and/or operations
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 17:58:20 GMT
Hi folks,
I am trying to execute an XPath query of the following form:

/jcr:root/a/(b or c)

but XPathQueryBuilder is generating a 'Only attribute axis is allowed in 
predicate' exception. This is odd as I don't think '(...)' constitutes a 
predicate. Should an XPath of the form above work right now?

Also I found that the | operator was not handled in XPathQueryBuilder, i.e.


was not parsed properly. The | was ignored, so the query ended up looking 
for something like /a/b/c, which of course is wrong.

Another question: is it reasonable to bypass XPath and SQL entirely and 
build a query directly by creating QueryNode's? The reason I ask, is that 
the CalDAV query I am trying to support is coming in in the form of 
CalDAV's own XML syntax. Right now I am converting that to XPath and then 
Jackrabbit converts that to the QueryNode tree. It may be more efficient 
for me to bypass XPath and go direct to QueryNode's. I would be interested 
in knowing if there are any pitfalls in doing that.

Cyrus Daboo

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