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From Cyrus Daboo <cy...@daboo.name>
Subject Re: TextFilters and mime types
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2005 15:29:37 GMT
Hi Marcel,

--On November 22, 2005 4:13:46 PM +0100 Marcel Reutegger 
<marcel.reutegger@gmx.net> wrote:

>> Also some time ago I did a filter for handling RTF files. It uses
>> HTMLEditorKit JFC classes. I could contribute it if you find interesting.
> sure, we are always interested in new filters.

I recently implemented a text/calendar filter for handling iCalendar data. 
However, because the filter depends on calendar libraries specific to the 
webapp, and because it is doing some special indexing to aid CalDAV query 
reports, I wanted the filter to be part of the webapp rather than core 
jackrabbit. This posed a problem with the Tomcat class loader.

In Tomcat, the jackrabbit core jar file is part of Tomcat's 'common' 
libraries and there is a class loader associated with that. Webapps have 
their own class loaders associated with them, and those are 'lower' in the 
class loader hierarchy than the 'common' class loader. As a result, the 
jackrabbit core classes were unable to dynamically find and load a class 
from the webapp using e.g. Class.forName().

To get around this I developed a TextFilterFactory class for jackrabbit 
core that allows for adding TextFilter classes after the initial static 
initialization from the repository.xml file. Now my webapp can load its own 
TextCalendarTextFilter class into the indexer when it is initialized and 
jackrabbit will use that for the appropriate data as it arrives.

This new approach may or may not be of interest to others. If it is then I 
can send in the patches.

Note that the class loader problem occurs in several other cases as well. 
In fact any attempt to override the default classes in a repository.xml 
file with webapp specific classes would fail. Perhaps there is a way to 
solve the class loader problem directly? If not, then it might make sense 
to look into using more 'factory' type classes to aid with loading webapp 
specific classes.

Cyrus Daboo

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