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From Stefan Guggisberg <stefan.guggisb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: "failed to spool stream to internal storage" exception
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2005 08:30:54 GMT
hi brian

On 11/18/05, Brian Moseley <bcm@osafoundation.org> wrote:
> i'm seeing a large number of error messages in my webdav server's error
> log that look like this:
> 2005-11-17 16:27:26,043 ERROR [DavResourceImpl] Error while executing
> import chain: javax.jcr.RepositoryException: failed to spool stream to
> internal storage: Connection reset: Connection reset
> sequences of anywhere from 2 to 15 of these messages were being logged
> within the same second, every minute or two. i think but can't be sure
> that they were logged while i was trying to shut down the server, which
> seemed to take an abnormally long period of time. wish i had noted the
> time when i was doing that.
> anyway, i tracked down the "failed to spool stream to internal storage"
> message to PropertyImpl, ~line 750., in the setValue() method, when an
> IOException is caught while trying to create an instance of
> InternalValue. the only code i can find in that block that throws
> IOException is BLOBFileValue's constructor, but i'm not seeing anything
> obvious that would throw an IOException with the message "Connection
> reset". i certainly don't find that string anywhere within the
> jackrabbit code.
> any ideas what might be causing this to happen?

if you're calling prop.setValue(someInputStream) the stream is read and
either kept in a byte[] or spooled to a temporary file, depending on its size.

i assume that a read method of the passed input stream throws
an IOException while it is being spooled to internal storage.

"Connection reset" seems to indicate that the socket the stream
reads from has been prematurely closed.

looks like you have to review the shutdown sequence of your server ;)


> i'm using DerbyPersistenceManager and am storing blobs externally, if
> that helps.

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