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From Alexandru Popescu <the.mindstorm.mailingl...@gmail.com>
Subject JCR and transactionability
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2005 14:06:51 GMT

I have been trying to understand the way I can use transactions inside my application. 
Unfortunately, so far I haven't been able to understand what are the requirements and what
supposed to be done on my side to make it work.

I will try to describe my usage scenario and what I would like to see happening, and than
somebody with more experience can shed some light on my `dazed and confusedĀ“ transactional
mind :-).

The environment I am working on is a multi-repository under Tomcat. The general question would

a/ do I need to use a 3rd party transaction provider (like JOTM)?
b/ if a 3rd party transaction provider is involved how can I make it aware of the jackrabbit?
(or it 
should be the other way around?)

1/ scenario 1: single repository scenario

Inside a code fragment, where I already have opened the Session (and sometimes some of the
nodes are 
already retrieved), I want to perform a set of modifications on the repository nodes in a

transactional mode.

- is it possible to use a UserTransaction to demarcate the transaction? what are the limitations?

2/ scenario 2: multiple repository scenario

Same as above, but the modifications are performed in multiple repositories. Is it needed
to use in 
this case a XAResource?

Sorry if some of the above sound stupid, but right I am really really confused. Please help
me pass 
over this confusion moment.

thanks a lot in advance,

.w( the_mindstorm )p.

ps: I have read a few times the spec fragment regarding transactions. I have also searched
mailing list and even if I have been able to find some related threads, these unfortunately
get more confused. thanks again

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