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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: WebDAV - Servlet User-configuration
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2005 15:45:00 GMT

> [...]every second time, I get an error [1]. 

oh, that a bug. but i thought this has been fixed (rev. 331281).

the problem was, that the request contained a invalid value
in the If-Modified-Since header, due to an invalid last-modified
returned with a previous response.

may i ask you to check your rev. and open a jira bug if
the problem still exists with the lastest revision? thanks.

> How can I configure the Username/Password of the WebDAV-Servlet?
> Is the authentication forwarded to the Jackrabbit-Repository?

it depends on the 'DavSessionProvider' you are using.
by default the DavSession wraps a jsr170 session. if attaching
the session to the request fails due to a LoginException the
server sends an 401 status. again thats the default behaviour...

> How can I configure the Servlet to use anonymous authentification?

currently there exists an init-param 'missing-auth-mapping' with
the RepositoryAccessServlet, that defines how a missing
authorization header should be handled. see the web.xml for details.

> Where do I have to start, when I want to authenticate my Users against a custom table
in my database? 


> If a users changes a file via WebDAV, can I query the JCR-Server or the Servlet about
the change or is the information lost? Per default, Jackrabbit doesn't store user-information
to the nodes... 
> But WebDAV allows me to get the owner of a Resource. Where is this information stored?

what do you mean by 'owner'?
the only 'owner' i know with RFC 2518 (WebDAV 1,2) is the lock owner. 
the corresponding property in a lockable jsr170 node is jcr:lockOwner.

or are you looking for something else?


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