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From Roland Kofler <roland.kof...@systemone.at>
Subject Re: Automatic Addition and Removal of Mixins
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2005 11:25:40 GMT
Thank you!

David Nuescheler schrieb:

>hi roland,
>>The JCR Specs says:
>>7.4.4 Automatic Addition and Removal of Mixins
>>A repository may automatically assign a mixin type to a node upon
>>do you have this feature?
>this is not really something that i would see as a feature.
>this has been put into the spec to allow a repository to add/remove
>mixins that are not reflected in the nodetype hierarchy.
>a "proper" repository allows you to model the the mixins into
>the nodetype hierarchy. so if you want to your nodetype
>"document" to be automatically "mix:referenceable" you may just add
>"mix:referenceable" to its supertypes. see for example "nt:resource"

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