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From "Philip A. McGee" <pmc...@xfi.com>
Subject SimpleWebdavServlet returns 404 GETting Root Collection
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 18:24:33 GMT

I am investigating the use of the Jackrabbit server via its standard 
WebDAV protocol as implemented by SimpleWebdavServlet.  I have had
builds of the server running previously, but with the current codebase
the server returns a 404 error when I try to GET the root collection.  

This behavior can be observed by clicking the link on the page returned
by index.jsp.  Admittedly, the repository is empty, but previously getting  
the root collection returned ".." and "jcr:system" children, and the behavior 
prevents me from connecting to the server with any of the WebDAV clients I
have tried.

I added some debugging messages to AbstractWebdavServlet and find
the DavResource retrieved from the request has the following properties

resource.getDisplayName() = null
resource.getResourcePath() = null
resource.getHref() = http://localhost/jackrabbit-server/repository/
resource.isCollection() = true

and the problem occurs in the call from doGet() to spoolResource()

methodCode = 2

Can anyone tell me if this new behavior is the intended behavior?  Can
anyone else reproduce it, or is the problem in my build/deployment?

I would appreciate any help that can be offered.

Best Regards,
Phil McGee

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