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From Alexandru Popescu <the.mindstorm.mailingl...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Thoughts about Jackrabbit 1.0 (and 1.1)
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 17:48:12 GMT
Isn't JCR-247 (chid axis support for XPATH predicates) a requirement of JSR170?

.w( the_mindstorm )p.

#: Jukka Zitting changed the world a bit at a time by saying on  11/11/2005 3:43 PM :#
> Hi,
> The 1.0 roadmap in Jira contains a number of enhancement and feature
> requests that don't seem to be very pressing. In the spirit of "release
> early, release often" I'm thinking about tagging these issues for a
> later 1.1 release:
>   JCR-202 Add configuration options for search manager
>   JCR-247 Child axis support for XPath predicates
>   JCR-246 Child node support for jcr:contains()
>   JCR-153 Improved JAAS access control
>   JCR-215 Code is depends on Log4J directly instead of commons-logging
>   JCR-204 Improve recoverability
>   JCR-241 Remapping the default namespace
>   JCR-248 create configuration on InputStream
> This of course wouldn't prohibit anyone from resolving these issues
> already now, but would not keep them as show-stoppers for the 1.0
> release. The remaining issues (until more are submitted) for 1.0 would
> then be:
>   JCR-226 Lock.refresh(): throws if lock is alive
>   JCR-224 Lock: Session.addLockToken(String) does make the session to a
> lock holder
>   JCR-50  Persistence data of versioning not cleaned up correctly
>   JCR-43  Restore on node creates same-name-sibling of OPV-Version child
> nodes
>   JCR-141 Versioning does not make use of tx
>   JCR-140 Versioning might no be thread safe
>   JCR-18  Multithreading issue with versioning
>   JCR-154 Documentation - jackrabbit features beyond the spec
>   JCR-151 Installation guide
>   JCR-225 LockInfo.logginOut(SessionImpl): javadoc does not correspond
> to executed code
>   JCR-156 Review test cases and cross check with 1.0 specification
>   JCR-134 Unreferenced VersionHistory should be deleted automatically.
>   JCR-230 persistent locks persist even after removing the locked node
>   JCR-257 Use separate index for jcr:system tree
> It seems like locking and versioning issues are the most critical ones
> remaining. Is there anything I or someone else could do to help with
> some of these issues?
> Another remaining area is documentation. Yesterday I committed a first
> version of an installation guide. I haven't yet decided the best way to
> relate the deployment howtos and the first steps document to the
> installation guide. In fact I've been thinking about perhaps rearranging
> the current end-user documentation into a more coherent "Jackrabbit
> Manual" set of xdocs. Also the initial FAQ document I did earlier could
> use some refining. This list has recently seen a load of good questions
> and answers that should be distilled into FAQ entries. All help is
> appreciated!
> BR,
> Jukka Zitting

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