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From David Nuescheler <david.nuesche...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Connect to multiple repositories?
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 16:19:42 GMT
> I want to write an application to manage "projects".
> It should be possible that each project has its own
> database. So I plan to use one JCR repository
> each (configured with a database store).
> There is also common content to be accessed
> by every project. So I thought up to use another
> repository. While a user usually only connects to his
> project, he would at least need to retrieve content from
> the project and from the common repository.
to me it sounds like this could be a good application
for a workspace per "project", what do you think?
the good thing is that you still have cross workspace
operations like merge, update, clone that allow you
to keep the "general" content updated in a number of
different workspaces. however (see below) ...

> The common repository would also store some
> minimal information about the projects (like the title and
> the repository context name). This would be
> used to manage (add, remove, etc.) projects.
... is there a reason why you do not just have the
content in a tree...

something like this:

 + projects
    + myproject1
       - title
       - description
       + other project stuff
    + myproject2
       - title
       - description
       + other project stuff

> So, is this all fine with jackrabbit or should I be careful?
well, it is all fine... but unless you have a requirement of
actually having separate repositories i would probably suggest
to take the above tree based approach.


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