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From David Nuescheler <david.nuesche...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: jsr170 browse tools
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 14:03:24 GMT
hi lee,

> > how would an eclipse plugin work for you?
> > http://www.day.com/eclipse/
> Looks great, though unfortunately I've ran into a problem using it. I have a
> Jackrabbit repository with 3000 nt:folder nodes directly below the root node.
> Each folder node has ~100 nt:file child nodes.
[off topic: just with respect to eugeny's earlier question this puts you into
the range of 600k nodes and probably around ~2m properties. is that correct?]

> When I try and open the root node of my repository using the eclipse plugin,
> Eclipse runs out of memory, even if I put the max heap size of the workbench
> up to 400 meg. Given that the 3000 nodes have no user metadata associated
> with them, I can only assume that the whole workspace is being loaded?
hmmm... to draw the tree properly the first level needs to be loaded and
additionally the level underneith to find out if a particular node has children.

as a quick fix you could segment out your folders into various subfolders.
this may help your memory consumption. i have to admit though that i
did not look into the details of the code, so i may be way off here.

> Is the plugin open source at all?
not yet ;)

> Is the code available? I'm wiling to submit
> patches where possible if so.
thanks, but ... ;)

we will take a look at it asap, in the meantime i could maybe get you
excited about the gui shipping with crx (http://jcr.day.com), which would
be the webbased equivalent of the eclipse plugin.
it is also free in its trial version.


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