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From "maarten.volders@pandora.be" <maarten.vold...@telenet.be>
Subject JCR + N-Tier architecture design issues: need some help
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 07:33:04 GMT

I'm new to the JCR philosophy and also a little bit confused on how we should this new technology
in an N-Tier architecture. I'm used on working with Hibernate, pojo's and ORM mappings in
this kind of environment and have the following questions about JCR implementations:

Let's take for example a simple blogging website (that's seems to be the "hello world" example
for JCR :) ... )
- Is JCR only present behind the DAO layer or do the nodes and so traverse through all layers
- If the JCR in not shielded behind pojo's and the DAO, I find it difficult to understand
how we should expose JCR retrieved data? Should we use the JCR api also in the presentation
layer ... i hope not!!!
- If the JCR is indeed behind the DAO ... how do we go on from the DAO to the presentation
layer? Do we still use pojo, for example with a pojo called BlogMessage which have references
to its parent and child BlogMessages? If so what is the best practise to create and update
data that is changed in these pojo's. I'm a little bit lost with the use of pojo's in combination
with JCR!!!
- What about transactions ... is that possible with JCR
- If the JCR impl is backed by i.e. Hibernate ... how will the JCR data will be saved. Is
there still a ORM mapping behind the scenes or how is this done?

So, it would be great that someone explains a real life example on how to use JCR in an N-Tier



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