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From "Tomasz Dabrowski" <Tomasz.Dabrow...@cognifide.com>
Subject About 1000 workspaces in Jackrabbit
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2005 11:34:03 GMT

After a few months of using my application my repository will have over
800 workspaces. That's why I decided to wrote some prototyping how many
workspaces can be in Jackrabbit (it clones one workspace many times). 

Result of it is: Every time when Jackrabbit is started all files related
with indexing are opened (from "<workspace>/index" folder). As you know
OS has its own constraint for number of opened file per process. So in
fact "more workspace" = "more index files" = higher possibility to get
error "Too many files open".

Does anyone know if there are any constraints for number of workspaces
in repository? Have you tried in your project lots of workspaces??? Is
there any possibility to decrease number of index files for workspace
(eg. by defining some parameter in <SearchIndex> from repository.xml)

Ps. Of course I can set higher number for file per process in OS, but
this is not good idea ;)


Tomasz Dabrowski
email: tomasz.dabrowski@cognifide.com
www: www.cognifide.com

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