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From "UpAndGone" <upandg...@web.de>
Subject AW: Connect to multiple repositories?
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 21:16:09 GMT
Hi David,

> ... is there a reason why you do not just have the
> content in a tree...
> something like this:
> [rootnode]
>  + projects
>     + myproject1
>        - title
>        - description
>        + other project stuff
>     + myproject2
>        - title
>        - description
>        + other project stuff

Not a reason, but an idea: To physically divide the projects. One project
belongs to one client. So a person who works on "project1" has nothing to do
with "project2". Sure, I could use ACLs, but with different databases it is
more separated. Also client #1 may >want< to use his own database. And
client #2's project might be very large and generate a lot of traffic, so he
>should< use his own database. Well, was it understandable?

It's just an idea after all. So if you tell me that this would produce too
much overhead or simply would not work in a way, I'm fine with it and will
use the (all-in-one) tree based approach. 

Best regards,


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