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From Nicolas Belisle <Nicolas.Beli...@bibl.ulaval.ca>
Subject Re: XML schema to node types
Date Mon, 31 Oct 2005 20:02:21 GMT
Great news !

I'm looking forward to this.

Many thanks,


>Hi Nicholas, Actually, I wrote something that does this. I haven't gotten 
>around to completely finishing it yet, but I will take your mail as a 
>motivator to do just that. Then I will commit to contribs. Cheers, Peeter 
>On 10/31/05, Nicolas Belisle <Nicolas.Belisle@bibl.ulaval.ca> wrote: > 
>Hi, > > I'm currently investigating ways to convert XML schemas to 
>Jackrabbit node > types declaration. This way, most metadata formats 
>(Dublin Core, MARC21, > etc.) could be integrated easily in a Jackrabbit 
>repository. > > Anyone has done something in that direction and would like 
>to its share > ideas ? Any other comments on this ? > > I would certainly 
>contribute the result back to Jackrabbit. > > > Regards, > > Nick >

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