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From Marcel Reutegger <marcel.reuteg...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: Another issue with text filtering
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2005 09:43:15 GMT
Hi Martin,

this is unfortunate and should be improved. the reason why this happens 
is the following:
the search index implementation always indexes a node as a whole to 
improve query performance. that means even if a single property changes 
the parent node with all its properties is re-indexed.

unfortunately the checkin method sets properties in three separate 
'transactions', causing the search to re-index the according node three 

usually this is not an issue, because the index implementation keeps a 
buffer for pending index work. that is, if you change the same property 
several times and save after each setProperty() call, it won't actually 
get re-indexed several times. but text filters behave differently here, 
because they extract the text even though the text will never be used.

eventually this will improve without any change to the search index 
implementation, because as soon as versioning participates properly in 
transactions there will only be one call to index a node on checkin().

as a quick fix we could improve the text filter classes to only parse 
the binary when the returned reader is acutally used.

could you create a jira issue for this enhancement too?

thanks a lot.


Martin Perez wrote:
> If you want to add a PDF document to a repository using a PdfTextFilter, and
> you do the following steps:
> session.save()
> node.checkin();
> The method PdfTextFilter.doFilter() gets called 4 times!!!
> session's save method calls doFilter one time. This is normal
> But checkin method calls doFilter three times. Is this normal? I do not see
> the sense.
> Thanks.
> Martin

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