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From Javier Bermejo <jberm...@germinus.com>
Subject Problem removing some nodes with SameNameSiblings
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2005 14:03:15 GMT

I'm trying to make a content management system using JSR170 and the 
Jackrabbit implementation using ORM-persistence connecting to a PostgreSQL.

I think I have discovered a bug in jackrabbit when trying to delete 
several nodes using SameNameSibling.

I have developed a test you can place in:


and add the testCase to the suite in:

 > suite.addTestSuite(RemoveSameNameSiblingNodesTest.class);

The structure of the test is the following one:
1º I add a first topNode under the rootNode.
2º I add 4 nodes with the same path (with no properties to avoid 
complexity of the test)
3º Later, I get a NodeIterator to get the 4 previous added nodes:
 > NodeIterator it = topNode.getNodes(myNodePath);
4º Now, this is the suspect BUG, inside the while loop getting the 
nodes, I make a call to the remove() item method. If I save each change 
on the parent node, you can see that every remove operation have a 
strange behaviour and when you are removing the third item it tries to 
delete the root node!!!! (You can see the dump output of the test)

You can avoid this bug saving the session or the rootnode outside the 
while loop.

Best regards,

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